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Generate a steady income by creating and selling your own on-demand video workouts.
With CoachMe's advanced in-app technology, you can virtually coach clients from anywhere in the world.
Take your fitness business to the next level by starting your own pay-per-view live fitness streaming channel.
Offer your clients an even better service by selling them programs, challenges, and nutrition plans through your CoachMe app.
No joining fees
Easy setup

Easy setup

Are you ready to create your own virtual coaching app?
We make it easy with our step-by-step setup wizard!
We'll guide you through the entire process.
Our friendly support team is here to help you every step of the way.
Get your virtual coaching app up and running in less than 48 hours for free!

Create and sell your own video based workouts

Are you looking to make a name for yourself as a fitness creator?

With CoachMe, you can create and sell your own on-demand video-based workouts with just a smartphone and a tripod! Create content once and reap the rewards over and over again. By joining the Creator Economy, you can monetize your fitness content and start generating passive income.

Just imagine how much you could make if your workouts were seen by thousands of people. Take the first step to becoming a Fitness Creator and launch your own CoachMe app. Sign up today for free and start creating and selling your own on-demand video-based workouts.

Create and sell your own on-demand workouts

Virtual coaching

  • Virtual coaching
  • Virtual coaching
  • Virtual coaching
  • Virtual coaching
  • Virtual coaching

Are you ready to take your fitness business to the next level?

With CoachMe, you can now virtually coach clients anywhere in the world with our fully managed end-to-end booking, payment, and facilitation of virtual coaching sessions.

By launching your own CoachMe app, you'll be able to easily manage and grow your virtual coaching business, while providing a seamless experience for your clients.

Plus, with our secure payment system, you'll be able to securely accept payments from clients quickly and easily.

Take control of your fitness business and make a bigger impact with CoachMe.

Sign up today and start providing virtual coaching sessions to clients around the world!

Start your own live fitness streaming channel

Offer your clients the ultimate fitness experience with your own pay-per-view live streaming channel
Reach everyone from small groups to large audiences and maximize your earning potential with live streaming.
Our easy-to-use technology makes it so simple.
Get started quickly and seamlessly with just your smartphone and the CoachMe app.
Create and sell your own on-demand workouts
Sell your own products

Sell your
own products

CoachMe is fitness entrepreneurs ultimate app to sell their products and services.
With CoachMe, you can list your fitness challenges, body transformational programs, nutrition plans, and workout plans - all tailored to meet the needs of your customer base.
Our easy-to-use app allows you to publish and promote your products and services to the world, helping you reach a larger audience and increase your revenue.
Sign up for free today and start selling your fitness products and services on CoachMe!

Monetize your messages

Monetize your messages

As a personal trainer or fitness coach, you can now monetize your messages on your CoachMe app.

By sending personalized video or audio messages, you can provide your clients with valuable motivation, nutrition tips, and training advice.

This is a powerful new way to enhance your coaching services and create additional revenue streams.

Seven new income streams

Tap into seven new income streams to turbocharge your fitness business!

Monetized video calls
Monetized audio calls
On-demand workout sales
Pay-per-view live fitness streaming channel
Sell your own products
Monetize in-app messenger
Tips from your clients

Unlock unlimited potential and launch your own virtual coaching app in less than 48 hours

Sell your own products

Simple dashboard

With CoachMe, you can easily track your app sales and manage your virtual business. Some of the features you can use include:

Scheduling live streams
Posting on-demand workouts
Schedule your availability for virtual sessions
Listing your products
Sending customized and monetized messages to your clients
Track your platform sales and manage your virtual fitness business
Live stream your workouts

Pricing and commissions

Launching your own virtual coaching app with CoachMe is a great way to get started without any extra costs!
No joining fees, activation fees, or monthly license fees - you can start your business risk-free. Plus, Coach Me only takes 10-15% of the payments you receive from clients on your app.
We make transactions and payments easy and secure with our token system, so you can focus on what you do best - helping your clients reach their goals.
And, as an added bonus, you get 50 GIGS of free video storage space to store and sell your workouts to your community.
Get started and launch your virtual coaching app with CoachMe today!

3 Simple steps to get you started

Create an account
Upload a photo of yourself holding up your ID or passport (so we know it's you)
Update your billing information (Your PayPal ID)
* Its free to join
3 Simple steps to get you started

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Frequently Asked Questions

Launching your fitness app with CoachMe stands out in its affordability. Unlike many other personal training software and fitness apps, there are no joining fees or monthly license fees to factor in. In fact, you can seamlessly onboard an unlimited number of clients onto the CoachMe fitness app. The unique aspect is that CoachMe only deducts a small percentage (10-15%) from transactions carried out on your fitness app. For a comprehensive breakdown of this see below:

  • 10% from virtual coaching sessions

  • 15% from video workout sales

  • 15% from pay-per-view fitness streaming

  • 10% from product sales

  • 15% from in-app messenger sales

  • 10% of tips received

  • 6% credit card transaction fees apply

No, your fitness app isn't listed on the Google or Apple store. Instead, once launched, your app is conveniently accessible through a web link. This link can be effortlessly incorporated into your email signature, social media profiles, and other platforms. This approach has proven to be more user-friendly, eliminating the need for clients to download the app before gaining access. It's all about streamlining the process and reducing unnecessary steps.

Absolutely, since the fitness app is yours, the task of acquiring clients falls on you. This involves marketing and promoting your CoachMe fitness app to your existing clients and across your social media platforms. The more you spread the word, the more clients you can attract to your app.

Logging in is straightforward – just click on the login link and use your designated login credentials to gain entry to your CoachMe dashboard. A useful tip is to save the website page as a shortcut on your device for quick access. This way, you can effortlessly reach your dashboard whenever you need it.

It's a breeze. Once you've set up your fitness app, a unique link is generated You simply share this link with your clients and across your social media platforms. This enables clients to easily click on the link and gain instant access to your CoachMe fitness app.

No, CoachMe is a versatile platform catering not only to personal trainers but also to a wide range of fitness professionals. This includes fitness instructors, boot camp trainers, HIIT coaches, Kettlebell instructors, Pilates and Yoga instructors, martial arts experts, dance trainers, CrossFit enthusiasts, as well as life coaches. Essentially, anyone offering fitness-related services, including fitness influencers and creators, can find value in CoachMe.

CoachMe distinguishes itself from the competition in a couple of significant ways. Firstly, unlike the majority of virtual personal training software and fitness apps available, CoachMe refrains from charging coaches any joining fees or monthly license fees. Instead, it operates on a model where CoachMe receives a small percentage from transactions conducted on the platform. This model creates a win-win scenario, granting you the freedom to focus on growing your virtual personal training or fitness coaching business without the burden of overhead costs.

Secondly, CoachMe is at the forefront of technology trends. It's not just about offering typical features; it embraces the latest advancements such as on-demand video-based workouts, virtual coaching, live fitness streaming, digital product sales, and the innovative monetization of messaging. This forward-looking approach steers clear of the routine features that could be replaced by AI, ensuring that CoachMe stays relevant and valuable in a rapidly evolving landscape.

CoachMe employs a secure token system (where 2 tokens equal $1) for specific reasons. Many products and services available on your coaching platform involve micro payments—these are small payments, like what clients might make for purchasing an on-demand video-based workout. When dealing with transactions of $1 or $2, credit card fees become impractical. Hence, clients acquire tokens, and once obtained, these tokens serve as the currency for purchasing digital and virtual products within your coach fitness app. These tokens get stored in your wallet, and when you choose to withdraw them, they're converted into USD and transferred to your PayPal account.

Research demonstrates that the engagement with token systems, which gamifies the process, significantly boosts ongoing purchases. In essence, CoachMe's token system streamlines micro transactions, enhancing the overall experience for both you and your clients.

When clients spend tokens on your coaching platform these tokens are then added to your wallet there's the platform transaction fees once you're ready to withdraw from your wallet you simply enter in the token amount and the funds are then paid into your PayPal account in U.S. dollars within two to three days

When clients use tokens for purchases on your coaching platform, the corresponding tokens are credited to your wallet, accounting for the platform's transaction fees. When you're prepared to make a withdrawal from your wallet, you just input the token amount, and the funds are promptly transferred to your PayPal account in U.S. dollars. This process typically takes around two to three days.

The CoachMe fitness app distinguishes itself in the competitive realm of fitness apps through its unique approach to empowering fitness coaches, personal trainers, and fitness creators. Unlike other platforms, CoachMe stands out by refraining from imposing any initial joining fees or recurring monthly license charges on coaches. Instead, the platform adopts a fair model wherein it only collects a modest percentage from transactions facilitated on the platform.

What truly makes CoachMe stand out is its dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the fitness industry, the app consistently integrates cutting-edge technology features. This strategic emphasis on innovation equips coaches with the tools needed to ensure their relevance and success in the ever-evolving fitness economy. In essence, CoachMe serves as a virtual coaching haven that not only offers financial viability to coaches but also empowers them to stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape.

A virtual personal trainer leverages technology to provide coaching and training services, distinguishing themselves from traditional personal trainers who operate within physical gym or fitness studio settings. Virtual personal trainers predominantly engage in content creation, offering a range of services through digital platforms and fitness apps. This includes conducting virtual coaching sessions with the use of personal training software, enabling real-time interactions, live streaming workouts, and retailing digital fitness products like eBooks and transformation programs.

The advent of virtual personal trainers has profoundly revolutionized conventional training methods. By breaking geographical constraints, these virtual personal trainers extend their reach to a global audience, transcending the limitations of a physical location. This not only provides convenience for clients but also opens up new revenue streams for trainers. The emphasis on digital content empowers trainers to cater to various learning styles, making fitness education more accessible and personalized. The fusion of technology and fitness expertise not only redefines the training landscape but also underscores the evolving nature of the fitness industry in response to the digital age.

CoachMe boasts a comprehensive array of cutting-edge features that have gained heightened significance in today's fitness landscape. One standout capability is the seamless incorporation of end-to-end virtual personal training directly within the fitness app. This empowers virtual personal trainers to offer their expertise remotely and engage clients in a dynamic and personalized manner.

In addition, CoachMe extends the virtual training experience by enabling trainers to curate and sell on-demand video-based workouts. This functionality grants clients the flexibility to engage with workouts at their own pace, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Live streaming fitness sessions via the CoachMe fitness app is another integral facet of their approach. This real-time interaction not only fosters a sense of immediacy but also enables trainers to conduct interactive and engaging workouts, transcending the limitations of physical proximity.

One particularly innovative feature is the monetized messaging system utilized by CoachMe. This technology innovation opens up new revenue streams for coaches and virtual trainers. By crafting tailor-made video and audio messages, they can offer personalized guidance, feedback, and encouragement, enhancing the overall training experience for clients.

These multifaceted features and strategies converge to establish the CoachMe fitness app as a trailblazer in the realm of virtual personal training and fitness coaching, reflecting their commitment to harnessing technology to create a dynamic and impactful training environment.

Many personal trainers and fitness coaches are already on the path to virtual training, often through their social media presence. However, the CoachMe Fitness app takes this transition a step further. CoachMe offers personalized training software that facilitates the monetization of content, primarily through on-demand video-based workouts. This fitness platform also enables trainers to provide virtual coaching and training to clients globally, seamlessly employing advanced technology.

While taking the leap into live streaming might initially appear daunting, the benefits are undeniable. Numerous personal trainers and fitness coaches are recognizing the potential and advantages of this approach. Embracing this evolving business model can open doors to a wider audience and increase reach, ultimately redefining the way fitness professionals connect with clients worldwide.

Getting started with the CoachMe Fitness app is an effortless three-step process designed to set coaches and virtual trainers on the path to success. The journey begins by signing up, a straightforward and free process that initiates your virtual coaching endeavor. After setting up your profile, you're swiftly ready to proceed within a span of just 48 hours.

For coaches and virtual personal trainers, the subsequent steps involve crafting engaging video-based workouts using your smartphone. These workouts are then uploaded onto the CoachMe Fitness app. Simultaneously, you establish your availability schedule, allowing you to seamlessly receive bookings for virtual personal training sessions.

Should you choose to venture into live streaming, the process is equally uncomplicated. By scheduling a live stream, clients can easily book and pay to participate in these interactive sessions.

As the final step in this empowering journey, CoachMe enables you to list and sell various digital products. From eBooks to transformation programs and challenges, the platform provides a space for you to showcase and vend your diverse digital offerings. In essence, the CoachMe Fitness app propels you through a streamlined process, transforming your passion for fitness into a thriving virtual coaching enterprise.

The good news is that much of what you need is likely already at your fingertips: your smartphone. To enhance your setup, consider adding a few supplementary items. A tripod becomes invaluable to position your phone for optimal video content capture. A ring light is another advantageous addition, as it imbues your videos with a professional lighting quality, enhancing the visual depth. Moreover, a microphone can amplify your voice, ensuring clarity and quality in your audio.

Importantly, these items are readily available for purchase online, and you might find them to be surprisingly affordable. The combination of a smartphone, tripod, ring light, and microphone equips you comprehensively to venture into virtual personal training and harness the capabilities of the CoachMe Fitness app. This setup underscores the accessibility and feasibility of embracing the virtual coaching realm with the tools you need well within your reach.

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